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Mindful Indian Eating

Homemade. Gluten-Free.

Growing up I remember my mother and her love of cooking. For those of us who were fed from her kitchen, the important element that she embodied was love. As the recipe creator of Mindful Indian Eating, I want to embody that same spirit of love as I put my energy into each recipe and create the final products, that they will be a legacy of love to feed my family and my potential customers.

Moreen Subedar

After being diagnosed as gluten intolerant, I started converting some of my recipes to gluten-free and decided to start eliminating the suspect foods containing gluten for 4 weeks. To stay away from cross-contamination I used wholesome natural ingredients and cooked meals from scratch. The results were so well worth the effort that I started putting together more and more recipes to add to the variety of food I was eating.

In the last three years I started distributing my gluten-free products amongst my friends and family. Here is their feedback for my two signature gluten-free products:

“The baked gluten-free samosas are even better than the regular wheat flour samosas and the bonus was that it was not deep fried.”

“The baked bhajia (cross between pakora and falafel) was so flavorful and filling and worked well for portion controlled diets.

My family and friends have been a great inspiration in supporting me to take this opportunity to the next level as they encouraged me that my gluten free-recipes provide a line of unique gluten-free products in addition to what’s available in the market.

I remember my great-grandfather and the first restaurant he established in the town of my birth where recipes were made of simple and wholesome ingredients available at that time. As a growing child I remember healthy fresh ingredients being the mainstay of our daily plate, however small, and now I want to extend the same spirit to my home here in Vancouver, British Columbia and in Canada.

With Love,

Moreen Subedar
Founder and Recipe Creator